This would be the normal turn around you would have to implement a cycle of action research in your school or workplace to get data and then make decisions to improve outcomes. custom essay

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Make sure it follows the criteria below and gives what you will be doing each week for 3-4 months. Do not make your study longer/or shorter than 3-4 months. This would be the normal turn around you would have to implement a cycle of action research in your school or workplace to get data and then make decisions to improve outcomes. Make sure what you are planning to do fits this model of intervention. Look at the example given.

Discuss in this DQ what your struggles are with this section, what you plan to do and other aspects of solution strategy within action research. Again, remember that you will need to map out the plan of not only finding out more about the problem from perhaps a survey [hint, hint that this would be a good tool to use], you need to say what will be done to improve the situation and this also needs to be in the plan. Give what you think is the difference between chapter IV and V.

Chapter IV: Solution Strategy


1. Problem Statement (subheading): 1-3 sentences

Restate your original problem statement.

2. Discussion (subheading): 3-5 pages THIS IS RESEARCH AGAIN! Cite research here!

In Chapter II, you reviewed the literature for problems similar to the one in your setting. This section is also a review of the literature that is related specifically to your solution strategy. In this chapter, you will include citations from the literature that supports the selection of your solution strategy. If the topic is so new that there is no relevant literature to support your solution strategy, you must be able to document your rationale for not using current literature.

3. Selected Solutions/Calendar Plan (subheading): 2-4 pages

This is a detailed description of the implementation plan for improving the problem in your current setting. It should be very specific and detailed so that another researcher could read this section and duplicate the method without questions. (Compare this section to a recipe or cookbook plan.) Provide the reader with specific information and training guidelines on how you will accomplish this, with step-by-step instructions to replicate the process. For example, avoid stating, ?Teachers will receive training on methods to modify assignments for diverse learners.? Instead, include copies of specific material needed in an appendix. Remember, you cannot be too specific in this section.

Include a week-by-week, operational calendar plan that could be used for the implementation phase, as well as specific directions on how each component could be implemented. Remember to tell the reader when you will begin, who will be involved, at what points specific aspects of the solution will occur, how long various components of the plan will be applied, and how often and when results will be evaluated. Present the plan as Month One, Week One, Week Two, etc. An implementation plan must be written for each week (for at least a 3-month plan) and must be included in your appendices.

[A Sample Action Research Proposal is provided to you as a reference on the course materials pages for EDD/569 and EDD/577. It contains Chapters I to IV, excluding the abstract and appendices. This is a sample of the proposal and not the completed Final Report. The content under each section heading may not be the same required length as your project.]

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