To further enhance your understanding of leadership Custom Essay

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1. To further enhance your understanding of leadership.
2. To cause you to apply the concepts and ideas learned in the course.
3. To cause you to observe leadership and management in different of settings.
4. To develop further your skills at written communication (a leadership competency).

Appropriate movies: You may watch and develop your paper around any of the movies listed below:

Tootsie 1982
Sabrina 1995
Silkwood 1983
Thief 1981
Zulu 1964 (not Zulu Dawn)
Risky Business
Bottle Shock 2008
**The Commitments

Legally Blonde 2001
**Erin Brockovich
National Treasure II
Jerry Maguire 1996
**Outsourced 2006
Invention of Lying
The Associate
Class Action
**Office Space
**Twelve Angry Men
**Finding Forrester
**School of Rock
** especially recommended!!

Note: Some movies may offend you. To avoid being offended, please read a review before you select a movie.
IMPORTANT: You may choose a movie not on the above list. But you must obtain my prior, written approval before doing so. This is to prevent you from going astray!!
Due date: All extra credit will need to be submitted not later than Saturday, November 23, 2013, by 11:59 p.m.

About your extra credit paper and its presentation:

1. In your analysis, you should draw upon materials from your textbook. Management A focus on leadership by Annie McKee

2. The project paper you submit in fulfillment of this project is to be no longer than five (5) pages in length, double-spaced with conventional margins.

3. Your paper is to be properly referenced in APA style (See Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association) in the body of the paper and contain a reference page. (The reference page is in addition to the five (5) pages that are expected for the paper.)

4. You may watch the movie with others, including others in this class. However, the paper must be solely your own work.

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