Upgrading Wal-Mart’s Customer Service: Suggestions for implementing the strategy for improvement Custom Essay

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You and your group members will operate as a team that has been formed to research and recommend a change to enhance a company where one of you are employed. It may be related to personnel issues, inventory, customer service or some other area, but your recommendation must represent a positive change for the organization. Brainstorm problems within your group that you are aware of and decide on the one that you will use for the project. Elect a leader.

You will write and present orally a proposal to describe your suggestions for implementing the strategy for improvement including a brief outline of any training for employees. The proposal is made up of the sections described as follows:

Part I – Business Section (Library Research)
• Description of the business and organization structure (including specific department involved)
• Marketing strategy
• Competitor assessment
• Facilities and operations overview

Part II – Description of the Problem
• Observations/description of problem

Part III – Alternatives
• Previous attempts to solve the problem (if any)
• Competitor (or other department) observation
• Suggestions for change

Part IV – Recommendation and Conclusions
• Alternative chosen.
• Other recommendations.

Part V – Appendix (Optional)
• Minutes from Team Meetings
• Brochures, Memos, Training aids for employees
• Other backup information not included in body of report.
The following paragraphs give more detail about what questions you might ask yourselves as group members as well as points that you should consider in each section.

Part I – Business Section (Library Research)

To begin your research on the company you have chosen, you should consider the overall areas that follow. The questions pertaining to each section may help you as you learn about your organization as a whole. You do not have to answer every question in your report, but you may find that it serves as a good basis for structuring the current analysis of your company. Remember, any recommendations that you make may initially be made in only one or two locations, but for many companies, there will be many locations where this change must be made eventually and any costs involved will multiply accordingly.

• Description of the business
1. What products does the firm sell? Does it sell services as well?
2. Who is the firm’s Target Market? What is the customer demographic profile? What age categories/lifestyles are represented by the customers it serves? (young, old, home-owners, pet-owners, families, affluent or low-income) Do any of them have special interests?
3. Does the firm have many small clients or a few large clients?
4. What needs does the firm meet?
5. What type of organization structure does the firm have? Many levels? Just a few? Will your recommendation involve other departments?

• Marketing Strategy
1. In what ways does your firm market its products? Using what media?
2. Who is the audience the firm is trying to reach?
3. What is the message the firm is trying to communicate?
4. How effective have its recent marketing efforts been? How can the message be improved? Can your customer service recommendation be incorporated in some way?
5. In what markets does the firm operate (US, international)?

• Competitor Assessment
1. Who are the top three firms in this industry?
2. Where does your firm stand in the rankings?
3. Are there other firms in slightly different lines of business who are also competitors? How does this affect your firm?
4. What are the competitors doing in regards to customer service?

• Facilities and Operations Overview
1. Where are the firm’s premises? Is it a multi-site operation? How many locations are there?
2. Do different sites have different functions or all sites doing the same work?
3. Will any revisions be made at all sites or will some sites not be affected?
4. What re-training will be involved?

Part II – Description of the Problem

1. What did you notice in this organization that made you realize that a change might be necessary?
2. Is this an isolated problem or one that seems to be recurring quite often?
3. What method are you going to use to assess the problem? (All of your group members should be briefed on the problem and then offer suggestions based on their own experiences and other research that you find related to this problem.)
4. When and where do you notice the problem?

Part III – Alternatives

1. Has management tried to remedy this situation in the past?
2. What are the competitors doing in this area? Do they have the same issues or are they doing something to eliminate or handle the issue in a more effective way?
3. What alternative solutions are there?
4. What costs will be involved?

NOTE: You should have at least three different alternatives that your recommendation is selected from. Be specific in your presentation about the different alternatives. You should clearly describe the pros and cons (or advantages and disadvantages) of each alternative.

Cost estimates must be included in written proposal as well as on slides for each alternative.

Part IV – Recommendation and Conclusion

1. What do you recommend to solve this problem? Why?
2. How long will it take you to implement your solution?
3. Will there be any training involved? (Draft of training material, memo announcing changes or brochure for employees should be provided in Appendix. It is not necessary in oral presentation to provide these materials. You may mention briefly.)
4. Will your recommendation affect any advertising/promotion currently being used?
5. What is the final cost of the recommendation? (Must be presented for full credit)

Physical Components of Written Project

Your sections previously described should be organized in a written document that has the following physical components:

Cover Page

States the name of the project in (or on) some type of cover. This makes your document look professional as well as providing protection for it as it is passed through various channels.

Title Page

States the name of the project as well as who the project is presented to and by whom (group member names). It should be dated to show exactly when it was prepared (or presented). See examples in the textbook for how a title page should be centered.

Table of Contents

Gives the reader a reference for pages to follow. Pages should not be numbered prior to the first body page. The Table of Contents includes the exact pages for section headings in the body of the report.


Present the body of your paper here using adequate headings and sections to make reading and re-reading (skimming) easy for the reader.

Include any items here that are not included in the body of your report.

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