What implications does your research have for the strategy of Dived Jones? custom essay

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For this assignment, find at least one NEW article (or another item, such as a video or an advertisement) from the business media. For this topic using an annual report about your allocated organisation would be very helpful.
1 What implications does your research have for the strategy of Dived Jones?
1-Make sure the new article has some relationship with the topic of
strategy and structure of Dived Jones.2- Read the
textbook chapter thoroughly to get some ideas about relevant
topics before searching for your new item.
3- you must use this textbook
( Waddell, D, Devine, J, Jones, G and George, J 2011, Contemporaory Management (2nd edition). McGraw
Hill, North Ryde). please use this textbook .
4- i will send subject outline to concentrate on Assessment 2: Essay – Essay 2. In addition, i will send my article .
Notes: please use new article for writing an essay and has relationship with my article.

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