Advice to AUSTRADE Outline Research Paper

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1. Introduction:
– Brief highlights on concepts and application of “Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth)”
– Provide background information of the scenario of AUSTRADE and Josephine until when she decides to pursue access to the article.
2. State and analyze the arguments which AUSTRADE would use to prevent Josephine to access the article and provide supportive quotation of similar cases which have been used to pursue the same.
3. State and analyze the arguments which Josephine would use to access the information in the article. Such information will be informative to AUSTRADE as he would try on how to counter the same. I shall as well provide quotations and referencing which supports the arguments as well.
4. Conclusions and recommendations
– Summarize on the decisions/arguments which AUSTRADE and Josephine would have decided to take so that each would be able to present his/her case with arguments which are supported by the law.
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