Applied Ethics Custom Essay

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The definitions and explanations of this paper are based on the book Ethics Applied, Edition 6.0 which is authored by Emily, Baker among others and published in Upper Saddle River, Pearson Education publishers in 2008. Ethical issues are matters or subjects which need to be done or addressed in a way which is considered to be right and moral. By addressing the matters or the subject correctly as they should be or as they are expected/stipulated are considered as ethical issues when working them out….

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Right consciousness in conduct of what one does is the person’s ethical principles which they uphold to when carrying on with their duties. Ethical virtues are the good qualities which one has in upholding their behavior and practice to ensure they are morally upright and will be reconsidered by other as good behaved based on the situation under considerations….

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Doing ethics and being ethical are two different things. Doing ethics is considered to be being taught of the ethical issues which need to be met. While, being ethical is practicing/actual implementation of what is being taught. One can be taught on how to be ethical but on the other hand they do contrary to the teachings. Hence, teaching would not be of importance if they are not utilized by doing what is meant to be good….

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