ISO Standards: Technical and Management Problem In Laboratory Custom Essay

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The laboratory has two main operations the management operations and technical operations each of this have its own challenges which make them have problems and errors. Therefore accreditation of the laboratory with ISO 15189 standards will make it much more easer to detect such errors and problems as they arise. Hence, corrective and preventive measures which prevents much damage to the laboratory operations and improves service provision shall be utilized. This essay shall evaluate on a management and technical problem and recommend on the preventive and corrective measures which should be taken…

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Five (5) whys approach on technical problem; Why there is the technical problem? The technical problem which has been indentified in the laboratory is calibration which affects the laboratory accuracy. calibration problem is caused tools or machines which are not functioning well due to stiffness of moving parts, not having the right tension or faulty gears or electronic connections among others. The accuracy of the tests being done are mainly based on use of accurate testing machines/tools and if they are not well calibrated they shall not be accurate (ISO/TC 212, 2003)….

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In conclusion it also eliminates loss of management and administration information as well as laboratory activities carried out, because all the available information is safe guarded by use of quality management systems and any nonconformity which would be a threat to it is detected early enough by the audit and it is rectified or prevented to reoccur again in future. According to Coffey & Crawford, (2006) the audit increases on accountability of the operations of the laboratory as the procedures being used are ensured they are standardized…

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