Rest In Peace Escort Service Marketing Channels and Pricing Strategies Custom Essay

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The product being marketed over to domestic and international market is Funeral Escort Services which according to the research done is a promising business. Whose market is not much exploited and it would be easy for Rest In Peace Escort Services to cease the business opportunities available; there is ready market, those in the industry charge exorbitantly, they are few competitors and do not meet the customers needs it also needs low operational and maintenance costs….

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They should as well invest heavily mainly on internet marketing to have a wider reach to its domestic and international clientele. Pricing of the products needs to be strategized as well; according to Kyle (2009) the product is penetrating in to a new market. Therefore, it is important to use penetration pricing strategy which the price will be set much lower than the competitors in the market to woo customers and be able to penetrate the market…

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In conclusion therefore the business should discount for accompaniments such as flowers or other services at a cheaper price if a customer users their services. Finally the company should develop product line pricing by developing wide range of products for different social status and financial capabilities of its target customers. With a wide range of products customers will be able to select on an appropriate package which is within their budget therefore being able to meet the market needs of high market and low market customers….

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