Relationship between Religion and Science in the 17th Century

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Religion and Science have been on conflict due to different ideologies and believes/myths. The conflict has been inexistence for long and its being experienced today. For the purpose of this essay I shall evaluate on the conflict which arose in the 17th century between the Catholic Church and an Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei who was also a physician on his invention that the earth was not flat and it revolves around the sun which was against the believes of the religion….

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The support of the Copernicus Science was denounced by Papal court that it was dangerous to faith. This resulted to summoning of Galileo in 1616 and was warned not to teach it or uphold to it. However, he did not heed to the warning and he went ahead and published his work in 1632 after this publication he was summoned in 1633 to Rome again and he was tried for proclaiming teachings which were against the Christian teaching which he believed in (Feldhav, 1995). Galileo support of Copernican science developed a conflict between the church and science. Galileo differing views with the theologies of biblical interpretation made him to be convicted and sentenced for life imprisonment and the pope ordered for a house arrest….

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In conclusion this annulment was relay late and although the church wanted to mend their relationship with scientists it was much difficult as scientist had been operating separately and the religion had been following behind incorporating what scientist have discovered but it takes much long for them to accept it until the majority of their followers accepts it (Christiananswers, 2009).
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