Combating Hunger epidemic in Africa Custom Essay

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People who are suffering from hunger will exceed 1 billion this year and the majority will be in Africa. Africa has been faced with hunger due to corruption of its leadership. My decision is based on political (Adaptive) Eclectic approach to decision-making whose outcome is acceptable….

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The leadership does not exhaust all the alternatives available to ensure their countries are food secure. The alternatives non exhausted are investments in food research and development to improve on food variety, mechanization of production and use of modern farming methods such as irrigation rather than rely on rain feed agriculture (Robert, 2002 pp 79)…

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Refuges are the hardest hit by hunger and they rely on donations and according to Wilson the average durations which refuges stays in camps in Africa is 17 years. Therefore, the conflicts which arose due to corrupt leaders ruins two generations parents are driven out of their home hence their livelihood is ruined and children’s deprived their education as there are no proper formal learning which takes place in camps….

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