Terrorism threat to United States National Security Custom Essay

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Terrorism threat has been in increase in United States both inland and overseas. It is an issue of international concern on how terrorist is determined to compromise the security of a country which is known as a super power in the world. The country has invested a lot of resources so far in efforts to mitigate the threats but they seams they are still persistent. The country has invested in recruitment and training of militant and formation of a special military group to deal with terrorism inland and overseas. It has also instituted changes in its military forces through strategies and policies which are geared to mitigate the ever increasing threat…

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Terrorism is believed to be backed up by Al-Qaeda which is made up of stateless groupings which are multinational and their philosophy is derived from Jihad which is an Islamic meaning of Holy war. Holy war is any war which Muslims fight to protect their rights. Although al-Qaeda associate it with Muslim, the Muslim religion have disassociated with it as its operation are also against Islamic teachings of promoting peace…

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In conclusion United States should therefore prioritize hiring of human intelligence resources on terrorism by the Central Intelligence Agency to back up strengthening of the intelligence service. United States have as well over publicized the threat to its citizens which has only made them more fearful of the dreaded terror groups. Hence, assisting the terror groups to achieve one of its objectives which are to instill fear to Americans therefore their travel advisory bodies should only issue travel advisories only when it is extremely necessary…

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