Comparison of Joy and Carmen from the book book Warrant Glen Custom Research Paper

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This essay is derived from the book Warrant Glen which is authored by Willkiam Wallis. The book theme is about friendship amidst violence and racism. It is quit challenging to balance friendship amidst violence and racism.

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However Carmen behavioral traits in the book are different from Joy. Carmen is inconsiderate and not supportive to others like Joy this made it much more difficult for Carmen to relate well with other people. Carmen was more cruel and ungrateful in most instances and did not respect racial differences and honor it so that all people would be regarded as equal.

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It has been quite difficult for both Carmen and Joy among other characters in the book to maintain friendship in an environment which is antagonistic. Where most people use violent to get what they need, while others due to racial differences they get preferential benefits over the rest who are denied there rights. The two characters maintained their behavioral traits all through the book which shows how one would be able to maintain friendship in environments which are violent and racial discrimination is real.

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