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Most of the computer programming projects are so big and complicated that they could not be done by one person. Therefore there is need to allocate more than one person to work on the project in all the stages of system development life cycle. It is achievable to have several people work on the program in different parts and finally fuse them together. This is achieved by use of good documentation, standardization of the program design and use the same variable and data types (Stackoverflow, 2009)…

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Use of the same variable, constants and data types; The program manager should ensure that during the design stage all the modules are using the same variables, constants and data types. Variables are the data inputs which are mostly keyed in by the user of the program and they differ depending on the records being keyed and they change during program execution….

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The importance of adhering to the above three guidelines are meant to ensure that the project is uniform in all aspects. The program could also be easy to continue from where a colleague had stopped without any difficulties and when the project is divided in to modules

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