Discussion of Impediments to African Development Custom Research Paper

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This essay is a discussion paper of impediments to African development. The discussion will evaluate on six impediments which will be based on the book World Civilizations: Their History and Their Culture Volume 1 which is authored by Philip Lee Ralph among others. Africa is the second largest continent in the world after Asia and has fifty four independence countries and most of them are developing countries with exception of South Africa….

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Agriculture in Africa has not been sustainable because they do not use most of the modern farming methods such as irrigations and use of green houses as a result they are susceptible to draught, diseases and pests. Therefore they experience poor productivity and pricing. African countries experiences poor marketing of their produce such as the agricultural products and natural resources …

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Africa being the second largest continent in the world and lies at the equator it also has largest resource of natural resources of minerals and oil which is yet explored. Under good governance, improved infrastructure, sound agriculture practices, good marketing, being not exploited and development of skilled labor would make Africa…..

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