Creation of Technology Management Student Society Website Custom Research Paper

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The website will be a multimedia based collection of the services and information of the institution. This essay shall address on how I shall create the website, indentify the objectives and describe on how I will achieve them based on Software Development Projects presentation. For the creation of the website to be successful I will approach it as a project and assign it to a project manager who will oversee and coordinates its activities. For its design and implementation I will use the methodology System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)……

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The collaboration done is known as Joint Application Development (JAD). After successful completion of the analysis the information gathered shall be used in the next stage of design. During the design of the website the designers shall draw graphical representation of the website this is known as Modeling….

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In conclusion after successful thorough testing of the website it will be implemented by hosting it to the domain which the institution would have paid for. Users will be trained during implementation and issued with training manuals for ease understanding of its applicability. Finally the website will be evaluated routinely to indentify any needs for an upgrade or maintenance to improve on its application this is an ongoing stage until when there would be need for a major change then the cycle is followed again….

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