Employment Equity Issues at West Herr Auto Dealer Custom Essay

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Employment Equity Issues at West Herr Auto Dealer; West Kerr Automotive Group dealer is the New York Largest Vehicle dealer whose dealership includes Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac and other top of range vehicles for both new and used cars. It was founded in 1950 and by last year it had 1180 employees with a gender presentation of 92% male and 8% female. This research paper shall analyze on employment equity issues at West Herr Auto Dealer which I gathered from a Human Resource survey which I took with the Human resource administrator Sara Skovenski, (2009)…

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The employees are trained to develop behavior and new skills and it is influenced by job demand changes and is fairly used to reinforce organizational policy. The training is conducted to all qualified employees and the training is objectively evaluated and delivered and it’s an ongoing initiative. Management of the company has established human resource policies and ensures that the company business strategy is widely communicated and the supervisor does not manage by just walking around. The published policies which are enforced are sexual harassment policy, non-discrimination policy and business ethics policy….

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In conclusion the company should maintain on with its employment equity so that they would eliminate barriers and identify in the company in its employment policies and procedures. It shall also enable the company to put in place practices and policies which eliminate systemic barriers and promotes a climate of equity to all of its employees. The company will as well improve distribution and access throughout all the occupations of all levels of the employees in the company…

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