Historic Preservation and the Imagined West Research Paper

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This assignment evaluates on different historical preservations of the cities Denver, Seattle, and Albuquerque and how they have been developed over the years. The cities are in the state they are at the moment as a result to different historical participation in their development over the years.

The importance of understanding the historical development of the cities will enable someone to relate it to how the cities are currently and its importance in the development of the city in future. Some historical sites in the cities would be attractive to tourist hence be of economical value to the city as it will earn the respective city councils.

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Denver is a city in the state of Colorado and the city was founded in 1858 as a mining and supply settlement because the region had gold and silver which was in high demand in other regions for trade (Devine, 2009).

However, the three cities have tried to conserve their historical structures and development despite of the growing pressure of replacing the structures to give way for new structures which would utilize the areas in a more economical way to serve the growing population which have over stretched most of the cities resources.

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