Individual Decision Making and Creativity Custom Research Paper

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The discussions in this paper are based on the book Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior by Andrew J. DuBrin which was published in 2007 by Thomson Publishing. Programmed and Non-Programmed Decisions When making decisions they could either be programmed or not programmed. Programmed decision making are done in an environment which has high structured environment which has rules and regulations and are done when a certain condition is fulfilled for example if one fails an exam they are supposed to redo it. The decision of redoing the exam is arrived due to a failed fulfillment of the previous condition…..

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What companies use to produce creativity and innovativeness?: Creativity and innovativeness is achieved by companies by use of Heuristics which is a speculative model which make the decision makers be able to speculate on the market and be able to decide on what would entice the market. It also uses Institutions, institutions are the target customers for the innovative and creative products which they produce…..

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…. therefore it is important to take in to considerations the current and future needs of the institutions. Such needs are the once which determine on the creativity or innovativeness which should be incorporated in the products. Finally is uses satisfaction this is the fulfillments which the creatively designed and innovative products will be able to deliver. They must fulfill the needs of the market for them to be referred to as creatively and innovatively made…..

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