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After I have successfully set up the computer for my uncle I will have to develop a customized program which would serve him and use it in running a small landscaping business which he has been operating but for the last one year the number of customers has increased and there is need to computerize it for proper operations. The operation of the business has customer who have tailor made services therefore their payments are different and managing it and issuing receipt is quit tasking and would not be able to know easily those who have paid.

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After confirming the computer specification I would need to decide on the methods which I will use to solicit as much information of the program as possible from my uncle so that I would analyze the information given, design a program which would suit him code it, test the program, train him and eventually implement the program (Seligman, 2006).

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Once I finish obtaining the information which I need through the process which is know as feasibility study. I shall then proceed on with its analysis to understand the operations better and recommend on how the program should be designed and the operations which it should include.

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