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The company has been successful at the region for the last 50 years it has been in existence and it has been able to diversify its products to include cleaning products, hair products and toothpastes among others. It has as well continually improved their quality, which has made them more competitive hence building up its brands which is now doing well regionally.

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Consumer market is mostly directed by the consumers who buy goods directly, therefore with proper market of the brand and products once it is of good quality and satisfies their needs it will eventually thrive (Salsman 2000). The consumer’s purchasing power is in decline due to the financial crises which the world is going through as the cost of living is as well increasing and their income is modest.

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In conclusion I would appeal to the board members to be considerate on deciding to venture in to the international market. It is a viable investment which will make the company more profitable and competitive to withstand the future competition.

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