Pros and Cons of Treatment of ADHD with Medication In Contrast with Behavioral Therapy Custom Research Paper

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This essay shall address on the Pros and Cons of treatment of ADHD which is the abbreviation of (Attention- Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). According to Biederman (2004) this is a disorder affects only children’s and it is mainly characterized by reduction of concentration and attention, the child is also impulsive and restless. The abnormal behavior of the child is as a result of brain disorder which arose from infections of part of the brain. However, there is no distinctive differentiation between behaviors that are truly abnormal and behaviors that are extremes of normality. Analytical studies by various researchers have suggested a separation of ADHD dimensions in that there is an impulsive hyperactive dimension…..

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There is a 70% improvement in attention and academic outcomes when stimulants are used. In addition, accuracy and efficiency are increased by about 50% (Roth, Fonagy, Parry & Target, 2005). Stimulants are important treatments due to the reason that they boost concentration while at the same time reducing impulsive and hyperactive behaviors. Although stimulants improve attention and facilitate for academic improvement, there is still little evidence on long term improvement in academic performance (Julie, 2007)…….

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In conclusion, ADHD is a mental disorder that mostly affects children but may as well affect adults. ADHD patients are hyperactive, impulsive, and restless. There are various treatments that are provided for such patients including medical and behavior therapy. Medications are generally stimulants and hydrochloride and they help in reducing hyperactivity and restlessness while at the same time increasing attention. However, they are disadvantages of using medications…..

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