Public Choice Theory and Rent-Seeking Custom Research Paper

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This is a research paper which shall evaluate three articles in contest of rent seeking, special interest group and logrolling in contest of the book Economics: Principles, Problems, and Policies which is authored by McConnell and Brue’s and published by McGraw-Hill in New York in 2005…..

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Their Job is being threatened by the economic recession which has negatively affected the industry and most of the automobile manufacturers are at the blink of closing down. The union continued pressure to the government to fund the industries depicts the union is a special interest group which is seeking for the interests to be addressed without consideration of other financial needs which the government would be prioritizing (Gross, 2009)…..

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Rent seeking, special interest group and logrolling result to concentration of benefit to the minority and has diversified cost. It is also causes existence of unfair competition in the economy as it only benefits the few. Such unfair distribution of resources makes only a few benefit while the rest loss. Therefore measures should be taken into considerations to cub such vices which affects distribution of resources.

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