School and Carnival Stadium Project Management Custom Research Paper

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This essay shall address on the school and carnival project which is being built by the government of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The project is a combined school and carnival stadium which will be used to be hosting the annual Lent parades and festivals which are held for four days every March. The rest part of the year the facility will be used as a school which will host 4000 students. The project was deemed viable because it will cost $15 Million which and its a permanent facility while the annual festival cost of facilities for a year is $10 Million therefore the project will be able to pay its self very fast….

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….the labor laws, availability of skilled labor and cost of materials and other start up information. They should as well inform all the stake holders early enough so that they would participate from its inception with less resistance. After they have all the information needed for a start up then they should prepare a plan for the project. The plan objective is to plan resources properly such as time, labor and finances. (Liu Et al. 2008)….

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…..In conclusion it is very important to continually monitor the progress of the project if it is in course. According to Liu (2008) it is through such monitoring and evaluations tasks which the project manager will be able to realize that the project is derailed and employ measures immediately which would return it on tract. Through effective monitoring and evaluation during and after project implementation it shall ensure that the project is delivered on time, the resources will be used properly ……

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