Database Design of a Robot Custom Research Paper

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This paper shall contain database design of the prototype of a robot which Tim and Jim has been toying with. The robot is a dog which would respond when called and is able to learn new tricks and can also able to rollover and back. This new prototype of the robot has gained popularity and there are customers who want to purchase it. Tim and Jim are in needs of a database which will track its inventory because its design comprises of various materials……

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According to Craig, (2006) a primary key is a unique identifiable field which prevent duplications in the tables and is the ones which is linked together with a similar field in another table which is known as a secondary key to form relationships. The tables will need to be interrelated by designing relationships so that the table would have combined tables for designing forms, queries and reports…..

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In conclusion similarly, for analysis of the records they might need to export data in the tables or queries to spreadsheets by clicking export command in the file menu when they have opened the table or query which they want to export the data. The inventory database shall benefit Tim and Jim to manage their robot records of the inventory successfully and be able to account for the materials they spend.

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