Security Implication of Offshore Services Custom Research Paper

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Out sourcing is much advantageous because it makes the United States security bodies concentrate on their core activities of enhancing the international security. As they source supportive technical support from the expatriates who will ensure they get high quality services which will improve their operations. However, outsourcing has compromised on the security of their data and operations information. This has made them risk their intellectual property to their suppliers, who supply them with computer hardware and compute related services which are essential in their operations (Mott, 2004)…..

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Instant communication has helped the community to police their national leaders through improved media coverage which is not biased (Flanagan Et al. 2001). The media has adopted the development of information age to ensure they deliver information timely on what is happening. Hence, they expose instances of human right violations, abuse of power, awareness of regional and environmental challenges and the diffused norms….

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In conclusion loss of automobile industry to other countries would be a negative effect because the country will not be in a position to manufacture war machinery in case of war. The economic status of United States has withered over the last ten years while China has continually increased its industry. This is an indicator that if the economic tread in United States won’t change it will be overtaken by China….

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