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Zoomerang is a website which is used to measure performance on customer satisfaction, employee satisfactions and event planning. Measuring performance is very important because it enables the users to analyze factors which affect their operations. For the purpose of this paper I will use the concept of the website to generate ten questions which would be used to analyze on the performance of the students which is on decline. The lecturer had had concern on why the students in the university are performing poorly and would wish to analyze factors which would be contributing to it and control them so as to improve the performance of the students.

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Parents, too, have an important part to play in their children’s academic performance especially when it comes to dealing with the high degree of absenteeism. They should, in this regard, ensure that their children are attending classes by being involved at all stages. This is in consideration that lack of parental involvement has been mentioned as chief cause of poor performance in academics at all levels (Berg, 2001).

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In conclusion according to the analysis of the questionnaire the professors should enforce the following to ensure that the students pass the exams and do not drop out of school (Survey Status, 2009).

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