What It Means To Be An Athlete? Custom Research Paper

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This is a reflective essay on what it means to be an athlete. An athlete in sporting activities is a person who participates actively in physical sporting activities. He or she is also highly skilled in the sporting activities which they participate in. There is a lot of personal development and growth which one is required to undergo for one to qualify being an athlete. In this paper I shall reflect on the characteristics which makes an athlete which actually makes an athlete and differentiate him or her self with any one else. They include; motivation, performance, concentration and focus, metal preparedness, confidence, arousal control and team work (Brewer, 2009)…..

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The development of an athlete is gradual and happens through training. Most of the competitive athletes are becoming aware of the existence of sports psychology which they incorporate in their training to perfect it. William Jeans (2006) argued that nowadays athletes and coaches are seeking for sport psychology training after realizing that it makes them competitive. This is because psychological effects which are derived from such training intervention enhance the athlete’s personal growth, performance and participations…..

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An athlete should have interpersonal relationship and interactions to be able to be a perfect team member. For sports activity which is done when in a team they need the team members to be bonded together to build up a team spirit. This is achieved by the members when they have the appropriate interpersonal skills to relate well with each other and their coach as well. Each has a roll to participate in the team to ensure that the team performs; such team members share a lot in common and do influence each other psychologically when they are playing as a team. They also do understand that their contribution together

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