Training and Development Issues Facing Businesses Custom Research Paper

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This is a discussion paper of Human resource competence assessment complied by the University of North Carolina Wilmington in January 2008. Most of the businesses are facing training and development issues which mainly affect their managerial productivity and effectiveness. Human resource development is very essential in management of any business and it forms the core component which drives the business to meet its goals and objectives. In this paper I shall evaluate on how effective recruitment, professional knowledge of the employees…

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Good communication channels and skills enable the employees share ideas therefore improving on goods or services rendered by the business. The business environment is very dynamic and keeps on changing therefore good change management skills are essential to ensure that the business is able to change its operations to be more competitive with ease and minimal resistance from the employees…..

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Most business administrators underestimate the capabilities of their human resource on how it would enable them to be able to meet its objectives and goals. Under good management of the human resource by formulating standardized human resource programs a business would be able to improve on its productivity and effectiveness.

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