Zip Code 60647 Analysis on the Appropriate Degree Programs Custom Research Paper Custom Essay

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This is an analysis of the research done in zip code 60647 based on the census done in the region. The census has different representation of the population which resides in the region; the census has categorized the population in to different categories by use of different age groupings, sex, race and house hold size, social and economic characteristics. This paper shall address on the appropriate new degree programs which should be pursued by the communities in zip code 60647 and how such degree programs would be of social and economic benefit to the societies….

Therefore it is important to sustain the majority of the population who are aged between 25 and 34 years to be productive for long, by ensuring that they are healthy. Therefore medical knowledge on how to be health even as the majority of the population is aging is important to ensure that they are productive to sustain the economic viability of the society (Carroll, Et al. 2004)…..

Such economic growth would only be achieved only if they are able to sustain a healthy society whose citizens are productive for a longer duration despite of their average age keeps on rising as few children are being born….

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