Designing Programs of Training Custom Essay

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This essay will discus on how to design training programs which will meet the needs of the learners, it will as well illustrates on the training materials and methods used to design such a program. There are two main objectives which this essay shall address; it will discuss and indentify on the steps needed to be followed when designing the training programs and explain and indentify the systematic approach which is used to design the training programs. Successful training programs which will meet the needs of the learners are required to be done in considerations of the learners needs in mind so that it would be tailor made to suits their needs and be effective….

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An effective training program is mainly determined by the approach which is used when developing it. An effective training program should comprise of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (McNamara, 1997). The program should also be designed and delivered within the budget set, its should not be unreasonably low because it would be….

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Finally evaluate the program by subjecting the learners in an evaluation exercise to provide information on how the training program was. This evaluation is done at the completion of the training stage. The learners provide information on; how effective was the delivery of the training, if the training was helpful, areas which are not important or they are redundant and areas which they feel that they need to be improved (Green, 2005). With such an evolution the program designer …

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