Essay on Sociology of Health and Health Care Custom Essay

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Write an essay on ONE (1) of the following topics:

* In what ways is class relevant in explaining the social patterning of illness?
* What is meant by the ‘sexual division of labour’? How is it relevant to understanding the link between gender and health?

The aim of this assessment item is to assess your abilities in:

Applying sociological concepts and theories to contemporary health issues.
Explaining the influence of social structure and human agency on the organisation of health care and health outcomes.
Presenting a logical and coherent written argument supported by appropriate sociological evidence.

Marking criteria
There are five key marking criteria for this assessment item:

Argument – Does the essay focus clearly on the selected topic? Have you engaged with appropriate sociological concepts and theories, and have you applied these to the topic? Are the points made sequentially so that they build an argument? Are important terms defined and discussed? Is there evidence to support each point? Have you selected material from sources and interpreted it or simply presented a number of quotations?
Structure – Does your introduction provide adequate context to the topic as well as indicate clearly the direction to be taken in the paper? Is the essay organised into paragraphs? Does the conclusion draw together the main points and relate these back to the topic?
Source material – Have you shown that you have understood what you have read? Have you integrated quotations and paraphrased material into the paper in a way that develops the argument? Have you read several references to gain an understanding of different viewpoints?
Style and presentation – Is the writing clear and to the point? Is spelling, grammar and punctuation correct? Have you included wide enough margins for comments to be inserted by markers? Have you numbered all the pages?
Referencing – Are all sources properly acknowledged and referenced? Is APA referencing style used?

Please submit your paper in 12 point font and double-spaced with wide margins to allow space for feedback and comments. If you are unsure about referencing or academic writing, it is your responsibility to locate guidelines and learn the required protocols. Student Support and the library offer assistance with these skills. If you are still confused your subject coordinator or tutor will be happy to provide further clarification.

At least ten different academic sources must be used for this assignment.

Prescribed text(s)
Germov, J. (Ed.) (2009). Second Opinion: An Introduction to Health Sociology (4th ed.). Melbourne: Oxford University Press.

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