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Assignment Instructions

Assessment 3 – Case Studies/Research Paper (50%) Final submission of reflection Week 12. Reflection: 1,000 words maximum.
Learning Outcomes 2, 4 and 5 : Recognise the strategic advantage to be attained through effective HR management planning and implementation. Recognise the important change in the role of HR management brought about by the use of technology to support a range of HR activities. Apply principles in the area of HR practices and appreciate legislative requirements
Case studies will be completed, in groups, in most of the weekly workshops throughout the semester. Three cases will also be completed individually and handed in for assessment
(15 marks each = 30 marks)
From the three cases on which you will receive individual feedback and a mark, you are to choose two (= 15 x 2 = 30 marks) to be the topic of your reflection of the learning you personally gained from the chosen cases.
• What did you learn specifically about the topic covered by the case?
• What have you learned that you will be able to apply in your current or future job? Explain*.
• Comment on the analysis and reasoning skills you applied to respond to the case.
*You should use a minimum of 2 (and maximum of 5 given the word limit) recent, refereed journal articles to support your explanation. Use the literature to support your claim that the learning gained will benefit conduct of a particular HR activity or support in-depth understanding of the topic such that HR-related practices might be improved.
(20 mark

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