Interbrand Marketing Audit Custom Essay

Choose one brand from the Interbrand list of 100 global brands (students will be allocated one brand each) and write a short report of a maximum of 2000 words + appendix.

1) The name of the brand you have been given and an academic definition of what a brand is. Explain briefly what the key components of a brand are as outlined by your definition and how the brand you have chosen satisfies those criteria. (Definitions should be from a marketing text book not the internet and clearly referenced) (5 marks);

2) Give an example of the logo and one example of a competitor brand logo. Using a table format, develop a list of characteristics to explain what the key attributes of the brand and its logo are, how they differ and how the logo communicates the brand?s desired attributes and market positioning. (5 marks) ;

3) Using academic material (not an internet source – use a text book) give a definition of marketing and the marketing mix. Explain briefly its role in relation to marketing strategy
(5 marks);

4) Choose one product from your chosen Interbrand company portfolio which carries the brand name, i.e. with Google, Google Maps or the A3 with Audi. Give an outline of the basic 4P?s – marketing mix – of that product in the UK and outline what activity is being undertaken and why. Critically evaluate the material presented and explain their role and importance in relation to the marketing strategy for the brand.

? Product ? overview, key product/marketing attributes;
? Price ? provide examples explained in relation to pricing theory and the strategy adopted for the brand;
? Place ? why the distribution channel being used has been selected and relate to the marketing objectives of the brand;
? Promotion ? types of advertising, sales promotions, PR, personal selling, internet selling and why (examples can be included in the appendix or main body of the report to add to your explanation.)

Conclude this piece by critically appraising the material identified and providing relevant, evaluative insight to justify your conclusions to explain the brand?s marketing strategy and performance
(20 marks)

5) Overall Structure

? Executive summary, Contents page, Main body, Conclusion
? References
? Appendices
? Grammar and spelling page numbers
? Word count
(5 marks)

All individual work ? submission in registry ? 1 copy only

Note: you may be asked to email softcopy for verification or may have to complete a viva voce if there are any doubts on the ownership of your work. Remember the saying: ?I write all my own work in my own words?

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