Job Analysis; Hands-on visual modality Research Paper

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Using the template I have provided below, complete an actual ?Job Analysis? on a real employer in your community for ?David?, a hypothetical 17 year old male student, mild intellectual exceptionality whose IEP notes the following;

? Hands-on visual modality
? Good social skills
? Weak fine motor skills
? Good expressive language/weak receptive language
? Reads at a grade 3-4 level
? Computational math is at the grade 4-5 level
? Enjoys working with his hands
? Needs coaching on personal grooming & hygiene
? Transition planning indicates he should be able to live independently

The template below is more or less a guideline as you probably will not have room to write all the information you will receive from the employer that you interview.

When completing the Additional Observations section below; talk about David?s strengths and weaknesses listed above, and how they would apply to the job you have chosen. This assignment is worth 10%.

**I have included an example of this assignment submitted by a previous student to help you put your assignment together.
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