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1. How much awareness of world Englishes do people who reside in Australia have?
2. How do people who reside in Australia respond to world Englishes (e.g. different varieties of English)?
3. Why do they hold such perceptions or attitudes towards world Englishes?
shape of report essay
1. Introduction:
Brief introduction of the report: what the report is about; what it aims to investigate etc.
2. Literature Review:
What other research studies have argued and found about attitudes/perceptions towards World Englishes and factors that are involved in shaping these attitudes/perceptions.
3. Interpretation and Discussions of findings:
Presentation of your findings (common themes that you draw from your transcripts) and discussion of the findings in light of the literature review.
4. Conclusion
Conclusion of your report: a short and brief summary of your report, food-for-thoughts.
5. References

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