Administration Law Custom Research Paper

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Q1.) Winnie and Sally have been involved in discussions of sally wanting to build two clinics in South Canderra in 2010.
Administration law in Australia is highly regarded by the extreme powers that the Australian government administrative agencies possess and their sole responsibility .
The case of Winnie is a best example of the definition of the Australian law. The appropriate advice which I will give Winnie is to file an urgent application which will review the decision of the head of department Sally that would be held at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. When making the application Winnie should specify the urgency of the matter and need for there to be an immediate stop on any action of Sally on constructions of the two clinics. The legal backing of the urgent application for review which relates to decisions made by sally will be supported by Administration Appeals Tribunal At 1975 section 25 . This section authorizes the tribunal to make decisions which conferred upon offices as provided by the law.

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Q2.) Both Ann and Badi are being convicted after they were found breaking the by law which prohibits display of certain types of materials within university premises.
According to Section 12 subsection 2 of the bylaw of the University it prohibits display of certain types of materials within the university premises which Ann and Badi has defied. Although both Ann and Badi had good in faith mutual support and motive of improving the students condition and burden at the university from the federal government’s cut of budgetary support to the universities. I would say was ill advised because she knew the protocol that one had to fore go so as to attain the merit that she wanted aired out and straightened, though am only considering the legal method which would have been thwarted by the chancellor and the board on recommendation, she would had first tried it this way then if the participants of the board don’t give heed take the matters on her own hand and advocate for the e-mailing of boycotting action from all adherence of the faculty .

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Q3.) Job and Bob had a verbal agreement that John will build a small shed for Bob and Bob was supposed to bring materials to facilitate the work.
This act allows the court to direct payment of damages of worth not exceeding $10,000 to the plaintiff in a civil law suit. The act defines the damages to be paid for, as provisions and not order of specific performance of the provision . Because of Bob acquisition to my own knowledge was not equitable before the law, so I would advice Bob to challenge the ruling of the court on grounds that the bureaucratic decision of the court was bias because the section 16 of small claim act clearly states that, damages worth compensation be defined as damages and not order of specific performance.

Q4.) Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1977 is by its nature a remedial legislation.
On the first case between sally and Winnie we saw that the abuse of power in administration of government is very eminent despite all the tribunal being put up to combat the vice of power abuse and office abuse among members that hold high offices in the ranks of government administrations. Those who perpetuates that vice lock information material and making decision based on their own liking not considering the aggrieved or those that need the attention of the resources been shared out. Racism is seen in the official government administrator Sally when she confronts Winnie and scolds her saying that she has no obligation telling or giving her information concerning the administration to an immigrant.

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