Big Mountain High School Case Study Custom Essay

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Big Mountain High School serves over 1450 students in grades 10-12. The school has been able to maintain its population over the years under the leadership of Brad Vogel who is its principal for the last 15 years. The employees of the school considered Vogel as impersonal and gruff. He therefore, decided the employees to evaluate his performance in realization that a large percentage of the employees referred to him as unapproachable….

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Case Analysis; Most of the teachers in Big Mountain were contented with the decision making structure. The structure put in place promote bottom up approach of decision making in which the teachers has autonomous decision making rights over there classes and departments. According to Fullan, (2007) bottom up approach of decision making empowers the decision makers because they are allowed to make their own decisions in areas of their operations. This makes them more participative and confident in the decision making process and implementation….

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By increasing the membership in the committee the committee will have more variety of decisions to select from hence get much better decisions which would bring change in their operations. Because it seems they do not want change that the reason they are using small committees. It would be even much more better if they are to add on time of decision making if they would have a feeling that many participants slows down decision making especially in development and review of curriculum….

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