Marketing in Australia Airline Industry Custom Essay

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The Australian Airline industry is vibrant however it has gone through many major changes which are currently culminating to turbulent economic conditions for the last two years. Therefore, it is currently strategizing on how it would be able to sustain its self in the market and have an effective competition in then airline industry over a longer term. Australian airline has a diversified market which it serves for both local and international customers. Its market is segmented mainly into two main markets tourism and the business community. Tourism is the second major earner besides minerals and oil internationally hence it has many people who travel to Australia for its tourism features diversity….

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The domestic Australian airline industry is continually getting more travelers over the years with a recording to 48.88 Million travelers in 2007/2008 financial year which is an increase of 7.6% of the previous financial year. The major domestic airline transported 87.9% which is equivalent to 42.9 Million while the remaining 12.1% equals to 5.9 Million were transported by regional airlines….

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In conclusion By being able to meet the customers needs appropriately in the diversified market segments. The airline will be successful on its operations if it also leads in innovation and introduction of new services and products in the market. For it to achieve such lead it must also invest more in research and development….

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