Classic Airlines Marketing Solution Custom Research Paper

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This is a marketing solution for Classic Airlines which has been experiencing customer’s withdrawal for the last two years. Classic Airlines is the world’s fifth largest airline with a total of thirty two thousands employees, three hundred and seventy five jets which serves two hundred and forty cities with a total sales of $8.7 Billion which earned it $10 Million last year (University of Phoenix, 2009). The airline is facing challenges of customer disconnect due to services which are not satisfying their needs. In this paper I shall evaluate on the reasons why the customers are not satisfied with the services offered by the airline…..

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The objectives and obstacles of the marketing department: The marketing department has its main objectives being to win back the lost touch with their customers based on the reason the customers gave Kevin during an interview which he had interviewed them (Classic, 2009). It is also the objective of the airline to retain the existing customers as well. However, it is facing several obstacles; the airline industry is being faced with increased uncertainty which has as well affected the industry stock prices. Classic airline reported a decline of its share prices by 10% last year….

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Such continuous evaluations will also ensure the airline maintains its standards. It also evaluates on the changing needs of the customers frequently and incorporates them in their operations in time making it more competitive. According to Tim (2007) success of any business is based on the ability of the business to capture new market and customers as they maintain the ones they already have. Therefore, the marketing campaigns which they will implement should be able to sustain the current customers as it taps new markets and customers….

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