International Security: Migration effects on global security Custom Research Paper

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The world demographics have been changing over time due to migration of people. The migration is ether voluntarily or non voluntary. According to Kugler and Frost (2002) those who migrate voluntarily are mostly due to globalization and are in search of work or and better living standard. However, non-voluntarily immigrants are as a result of political instability in their country or even ethnic and civil war (Helgerson, J 2002)……

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…… engaging in crime to sustain the selves (GCIM, 2005). The countries which hosts refuges they do not have time to evaluate on the integrity of the immigrants and differentiate real refuges and criminals. According to Fisher, (2005) these mostly result to acceptance of criminals who risks the country with terrorist attack and other forms of crime……

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In conclusion Turkey government decision to build dams for hydro development at river Tigris and Euphrates has result to conflict at the Middle East countries as they concentrate on how the rights to water in the region would be taken care of. The rivers are the main livelihood of most of the countries in the region and dominance in its control over the rest would degenerate to conflict in the region. According to Gartner, (1999) encroachment of natural resources by an individual or a certain groups mostly result to denying…..

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