Custodial Care and Practice Research Paper

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Custodial care is non professional care given to in-mates in correctional centers all over the world, mostly to those that have terminal diseases that need attention and cannot be implicated by the own self (Gannon, 2004). In most cases the is also psychological determinant that also mentally sick in-mates be provided with custodial care but in this case not all cases are applicable, because most need trained and experienced experts or hands to attend to the aggrieved.

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If the prison system would start hiring qualified personnel to assist in the administration of chore and activities for inmates to be involved in so that the mind of the inmates are not idle and the don’t have time to concur with one another ideas of criminology.

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The government and prison official should combine in working together to finish gang groups inside the prison faculty, and those that operate inside the wall parameters of the faculty be traced and disciplinary action taken with harsh measures. The combating of criminal acts inside the correctional facilities would enforce and help reduce crime rate and the reform process would take effect for the government has all the resources and machineries to curb recidivism among offenders in the prison system. They should also enact a law that harshly punishes second time offenders so to instill fear for first time offenders too

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