Focusing On Working Capital, Current Ratio, Short-Term and Long-Term Debt Custom Research Paper

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It is important to analyze the balance sheet to be able to understand the operations of the business. According to Nachane & Ghosh (2009) a balance sheet provides the snapshot of the financial condition at a specific period, mainly at the closing of the accounting period. The balance sheet will assist you to assess on the capabilities and financial strengths of the business…..

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The company total assets has also registered a remarkable growth US$ 163,700, US$ 173,700 and US$ 184,900 thousands. In year 2002 there was an increase of 6.1% from the previous year and in 2003 there was an increase of 6.4% from the previous year….

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The business current ratio is good because the recommended ratio is when current assets are more or double the current liabilities. Although there is an increase in the working capital over the years the current ratio is on decline with year 2003 being at the ratio of 2:1. According to Vance, (2002) the recommended current ratio should be 2:1 and above. Therefore, you should put control measures in place to ensure the ratio does not decrease further…

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