Leadership Qualifications Custom Research Paper

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This is a research paper which will research on leadership qualifications which are necessary for effective management. Leaders are very important in management and administration of businesses or enterprise. The success of a business or an enterprise is as a result of good leadership which ensures all resources available are well managed to realize such achievements. Leadership is a trait which is reflected in the organizations being lead. According to Martin and Bartol (1998) organizations are made up of complex human systems which need to be managed, if the human resource is well managed through a leadership…..

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Problem statement: The research scope is to obtain leadership qualifications which are required by a leader to be able to lead a business or an enterprise successfully. It shall reveal the leadership traits which make leaders to be focused on their goals or objectives which they have set despite of the difficulties which they encounter while achieving …..

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Research Purpose: The purpose of the research shall be to indentify the leadership qualifications which will be of benefit to businesses and enterprises. The research findings will also be of importance in training leaders and also shall form a source of reference for the trainers so that they would know the leadership traits which should be practiced by leaders depending on the circumstances they are in. The leadership styles which I shall consider in this research are;
i.) Pacesetting Leadership Style.
ii.) Coercive Leadership Style
iii.) Affiliative Leadership Style
iv.) Authoritative Leadership Style
v.) Democratic Leadership Style
vi.) Coaching Leadership Style (Goleman, 2000).

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In Conclusions leadership is all about use of power to influence others and the power being used is determined by the different types of leaderships which are being used. The most commonly types of leadership styles are Democratic, Autocratic and Charismatic leadership which needs different qualifications to execute them. Democratic leaders would have power to influence others to participate fully in decision making while an autocratic leaders needs someone who power is vested in them alone and they individually control over the decision making process and implementation. While Charismatic leaders will need social power to influence others on how they make their

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