Human Resource Management Custom Research Paper

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Q1. As an owner of an expensive restaurant describe how you would establish a set of controls to guard against an E. coli outbreak. What issues would be most important in each step of the process?
As an owner of an expensive restaurant I would put the following measures in place to ensure that my customers are guarded against an E. coli outbreak. The restaurant is just one point of the food chain systems and all along the food chain system from the farms, to the market then to the restaurant the food could be contaminated at any stage.

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Q2. If the federal and/or state governments were to impose stricter standards on each major component of the system (for example, growers, distributors, restaurants), could this result in unreasonable or unacceptable costs associated with over control? What would be examples? How would you weigh the possible costs against potential gains?
Over control by federal or state governments would result to unreasonable high cost all along the food chain and by the time it reaches the end user it will be much more expensive.

Q3. What do you think of Taco Bell’s approach of shifting certain tasks and responsibilities from its restaurants to its vendors? Are any new control issues raised by this change?
Taco bell approach to outsource preparation of vegetables from suppliers is a good move because the supplier is made responsible to enforce on quality of foods which they supply. Taco Bell’s is now able to concentrate on its core business of preparing and

Q4. If you were the owner of the wholesale market described in the case, how would you work with your individual tenants (those who rent the 75 stalls to sell their particular produce items to restaurant buyers) to improve the overall level of sanitation control throughout the market to meet county health standards?
As an owner of the wholesale market I would put on measures which will ensure that the 75 stalls are a safe point for food supply. It seems the tenants are very much concerned on their sales and would not spare some time to tidy up the market. I would

Q5. Identify the major methods used to manage employee motivation in an organization. Comment on the need for and application of these at MGM Mirage.

Motivated employee usually increases productivity of an organization and there is need to motivate employees of MGM Mirage which owns hotels and casinos throughout the world. There are two main sources of motivation which needs to be managed, the first one is internal this is self driven force which makes one motivated it is propelled by

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Q6. To identify a major Human Resource Management activity that will be used to help in implementation of the company strategy. Explain the role of each in helping the firm achieve and sustain its competitive advantage in the marketplace.
As the company acquires more companies to be under its management, the administration of the employees becomes more and more complicated by the day. Hence, there is need to implement a Human resource management activity which will address the following (Pollitt, 2008);

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