Milk Leadership Styles Custom Research Paper

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This paper provides an in depth analysis of Harvey Milk’s Leadership style as demonstrated in the motion picture “Milk”. The analysis will use two books of leading authors in leadership, namely Joseph Nye’s The Powers to Lead and Ron Heifetz Leadership without Easy Answers. It will address several leadership styles of an individual who was way ahead of his time in matters pertaining to gay rights movement. To provide a short history of the man, Mr. Harvey Milk he was a New York who, as a gay man, was interested in joining hands with like minded colleagues in seeing to it that the society accepted these individual choices. However, New York State was hostile to such issues, which resulted to Milk relocating to San Francesco, California, a city known for its liberal views on social issues……

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Milk’s position as leading figure in the gay rights movement in the country culminated to unmatchable trust that his followers and colleagues had on him. Trust leadership style is hereby being regarded as being true to ones’ words for the common good of the group (Nye, 2008). His followers and colleagues at both the movement and San Francisco’s political scene knew very well that Milk would hardly change a position that had been unanimously agreed……

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The leadership styles which Harvey Bernard Milk demonstrated in the movie milky are of important especially to leaders who need to champion rights of a group. It is important for such leaders to practice leadership styles of being Affliative by taking the interest of others first. This makes the leader more committed and the followers would see that their leaders are committed to represent them. Hence, they become more supportive in the leadership to ensure that it is successful because its success is their success as well. Being authoritative and brave is essential to overcome criticisms as well Harvey Bernard Milk was able to overcome criticisms by being brave

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