The Poisonwood Bible by by Barbara Kingsolver Review Custom Research Paper

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The Poisonwood Bible is a novel that was written in 1998 by Barbara Kingsolver, and remains the best selling novel. The novel basically is about a missionary family known as the Prices. The Prices moved to a fictional village in the Belgian Congo, Kilanga Village, under the leadership of Nathan Price as the head of this family. The story of the Prices parallels that of The Congo’s disoriented shoot into the post-colonial epoch. The book comes mainly in the form of a narration, with the most part being divulged upon by Nathan’s wife, Orleanna, who is portrayed as longsuffering. Other chapters are divulged upon by the daughters of Nathan and Orleanna, namely….

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One of the themes that remain dominant in the book is that most of the miseries such as the tragic hunger and violence that characterized The Congo remain largely traceable to foreign influences. The book is expanded so that it supersedes mere historical critique of Africa’s colonization by the fact that it creates a parallel between political disenchantment in The Congo and the predicament the Price family girls found themselves in, as they found themselves vexed at the hands of the abusive Nathan who unrelentingly believed himself to be the very instrument of God…..

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The novel remains ever embracing to the concept of change. This concept is well portrayed in the way in which the characters in the novel are depicted as having grown and changed overtime. Particularly, Nathan’s change took its toll in World War Two in the Pacific. Herein, Nathan does not undergo another transformation. Whereas Nathan expects of the Africans to convert into Christianity, Africans remain adhered to their culture strongly.

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